– Login to Your CVS Learnet Account

There exists a portal, through which people who work for CVS can access delegated management services. That too is the portal through which people who work for CVS can access training modules. As a reputable pharmacies and drug stores chain, CVS endeavors to have uniform (high) standards across all its outlets. One way in which it is able to achieve this is by having a standardized (and continuous) training scheme for all its workers. Through the training scheme, the employees are able to have proper understanding of CVS operating guidelines, HR policies and so on. Nowadays, the CVS training scheme is accessible online, alongside CVS delegated management services — through the CVS Learnet website.

Accessing the CVS Learnet website

Like any other portal, the CVS Learnet portal can be accessed by simply entering its address/URL into the browser. The address we are making reference to, which you can enter into your browser in order to be taken to the CVS Learnet website is provided in the ‘links’ section of this article. Yours is just to enter the address/URL into the address bar of your browser, and then the browser, through the relevant protocol, will transfer you to the CVS Learnet website. You can also undertake a search (using a search engine) on the term ‘CVS Learnet’ or some other similar term, in order to access the portal. And after visiting the CVS Learnet portal for the first time, you can spare a few seconds to bookmark it – and thereafter be using the bookmark whenever you wish to access the portal.

Logging into the CVS Learnet website

The nature of the CVS Learnet website is such that you won’t be able to access the resources that are on the portal straightaway (upon getting to the website). You first have to go through a log in procedure, during which you will get a chance to prove that you are indeed a person who is authorized to use the resources you are trying to access. You log into the CVS Learnet portal by simply entering your user ID and your password.

Navigating through the CVS Learnet website

Upon logging into the CVS Learnet portal, you will discover that there are menus and links you can use to navigate through the site. As long as you are clear on the specific resource you wish to access, figuring out where to click won’t be hard. As you will discover upon logging in, the CVS Learnet portal is one that is rather sophisticated, but still quite easy to use. As evidence of its sophistication, you will notice that on the CVS Learnet portal, the tracking of the training resources is automated: that is, the system helps you keep track of the training resources as you continue using them.